On This Day

February 17

bornbornToday1981Paris HiltonUS heiress
bornbornToday1974Jerry O'ConnellUS Actor
bornbornToday1954Rene RussoUS actor
bornbornToday1963Michael JordanUS basketball player
bornbornToday1962Lou Diamond PhillipsFilipino actor
bornbornToday1971Denise RichardsUS actor
bornbornToday1972Billie Joe ArmstrongUS singer, guitarist, songwriter (Green Day)
bornbornToday1985Ahna O'ReillyUS Actress
bornbornToday1982Brooke D'OrsayCanadian Actress
bornbornToday18031875Edgar QuinetFrench Historian
bornbornToday18771904Isabelle EberhardtEnglish Explorer
bornbornToday1963Larry the Cable GuyUS Comedian
bornbornToday19021993Marian AndersonUS Musician
bornbornToday1955Mo YanChinese Novelist
bornbornToday1956Richard KarnUS Actor
bornbornToday19482012Rick MajerusUS Coach
bornbornToday1929202Chaim PotokLiterature & Fiction edit data American author and rabbi.
bornbornToday18791958Dorothy Canfield FisherUS writer
bornbornToday18881957Ronald KnoxEnglish writer, theologian
bornbornToday19342003Sir Alan BatesEnglish actor
bornbornToday1934Barry HumphriesAustralian writer, actor


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