Every year millions of people begin to search for their ancestors by starting their genealogy online. Historically, data was kept in files and records offline.  However, billions of historical records, including U.S. Census data, church records, government records, military records, death records, public records, vital records, international records, records from the U.K, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, France, and Spain have become digital and now posted online.

Ancestry Data is trying to make this information meaningful and highlight the sources of that data so that millions of professional and new genealogists are able to gain more insight into data and related products worth considering for purchase.

Ancestry Data partners with top genealogy and family history service providers to deliver information, including data and special offers to help millions discover their roots and family history.

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AncestryData.com allows visitors to compare and search family names and compare DNA kits from top Genealogy and Family History companies.  Users can search Family Names and compare Top DNA Kits.  Visitors can Search Ancestry Names, see Comparative Search Results From the Top Genealogy, Ancestry, and Family Name Databases Find and share birth, marriage, immigration, newspaper, archives, census, death, and many more records. Top DNA kits for ethnicity and family history.  See other sections and try other names to see more.

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