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February 19

bornbornToday14731543Nicolaus CopernicusRenaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe.
bornbornToday1955Jeff DanielsUS Actor
bornbornToday1967Benicio del ToroPuerto Rican actor
bornbornToday1970Bellamy YoungUS Actress
bornbornToday1952Amy TanUS Novelist
bornbornToday1991Caitlin HaleUS Actress
bornbornToday1975Daniel AdairCanadian Musician
bornbornToday17171779David GarrickEnglish Actor
bornbornToday1966Janet EchelmanUS Artist
bornbornToday1956Jeffrey R. ImmeltUS Businessman
bornbornToday1951Jerry SaltzUS Critic
bornbornToday1963Laurell K. HamiltonUS Writer
bornbornToday1960Prince AndrewBritish Royalty
bornbornToday1955Siri HustvedtUS Novelist
bornbornToday1943Tim HuntBritish Scientist
bornbornToday1948Tony IommiEnglish Musician
bornbornToday18961966Andre BretonLiterature & Fiction, Poetry, Arts & Photography
bornbornToday17171779David GarrickEnglish actor, writer
bornbornToday19171967Carson McCullersUS writer
bornbornToday19241987Lee MarvinUS actor


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