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February 27

bornbornToday19322011Elizabeth TaylorEnglish Actress
bornbornToday272337Constantine the GreatRoman Statesman
bornbornToday428348PlatoPhilosophy, Metaphysics, Ethics
bornbornToday1962Adam BaldwinUS Actor
bornbornToday18691970Alice HamiltonUS Scientist
bornbornToday19402011Bill HunterAustralian Actor
bornbornToday1942Charlayne Hunter-GaultUS Journalist
bornbornToday19041979James T. FarrellUS Novelist
bornbornToday1977James WanAustralian Producer
bornbornToday19511991Lee AtwaterUS Politician
bornbornToday1933Malcolm WallopUS Politician
bornbornToday1954Mark NeumannUS Politician
bornbornToday1968Michael VartanFrench Actor
bornbornToday1941Paddy AshdownBritish Politician
bornbornToday1973Peter AndreEnglish Musician
bornbornToday1934Ralph NaderUS Lawyer
bornbornToday18881974Roberto AssagioliItalian Psychologist
bornbornToday1936Roger MahonyUS Clergyman
bornbornToday19252004Samuel DashUS Lawyer
bornbornToday1989Stefano LangoneUS Musician
bornbornToday18071882Henry Wadsworth LongfellowPoetry edit data Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was an American poet whose works include 'Paul Revere's Ride',
bornbornToday19131984Irwin ShawLiterature & Fiction edit data Shaw was born Irwin Gilbert Shamforoff in the South Bronx, New York City, to Russian Jewish immigrants. Shaw was a prolific American playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and short-story author whose written works have sold more than 14 million copies. He is best known for his novels, The Young Lions (1948) and Rich Man Poor Man (1970).
bornbornToday19021968John SteinbeckLiterature & Fiction Influences Ed Ricketts, Will Lang, Socrates, Emiliano Zapata, Lincoln Steffens, A Ed Ricketts, Will Lang, Socrates, Emiliano Zapata, Lincoln Steffens, Arthur Miller ...more edit data
bornbornToday18471928Ellen TerryEnglish actor
bornbornToday19101990Joan BennettUS actor
bornbornToday19121990Lawrence DurrellIndia-born English writer
bornbornToday1930Joanne WoodwardUS actor


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