On This Day

January 15

bornbornToday19291968Martin Luther King, Jr.US Leader
bornbornToday1981PitbullUS rapper - Armando Christian Perez known by the stage name Pitbull.
bornbornToday16221673MoliereFrench playwright and actor who is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature.
bornbornToday19181970Gamal Abdel NasserEgyptian Leader
bornbornTodayEdward TellerUS Physicist
bornbornToday1971Regina KingUS actress and television director.
bornbornToday19061975Aristotelis Socrates OnassisGreek shipping magnate and businessman
bornbornToday1958Julian SandsBritish Actor
bornbornToday18891979A. Philip RandolphUS Activist
bornbornToday18441916Cole YoungerUS Criminal
bornbornToday1978Eddie CahillUS Actor
bornbornToday1933Ernest GainesUS Writer
bornbornToday1965James NesbittIrish Actor
bornbornToday1929John NaisbittUS Businessman
bornbornToday1937Margaret O'BrienUS Actress
bornbornToday1971Rupert SandersEnglish Director


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