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January 18

bornbornToday1955Kevin CostnerUS actor
bornbornToday1947Takeshi KitanoComedian, television personality, film director, actor, screenwriter, film editor, author, singer
bornbornToday19041986Cary GrantUS actor
bornbornToday15541560Francois IIWas a monarch of the House of Valois-Angouleme who was King of France from 1559 to 1560.
bornbornToday1948M. C. GaineyUS Actor
bornbornToday18821957Oliver HardyUS actor
bornbornToday16891755Baron de MontesquieuFrench writer
bornbornToday18841967Arthur RansomeBritish Author
bornbornToday1973Benjamin Todd JealousUS Activist
bornbornToday1971Binyavanga WainainaKenyan Author
bornbornToday1964Brady AndersonUS Athlete
bornbornToday19131987Danny KayeUS Actor
bornbornToday1965Dave AttellUS Comedian
bornbornToday1968David AyerUS Director
bornbornToday1937John HumeIrish Politician
bornbornToday1963Martin O'MalleyUS Politician
bornbornToday1974Maulik PancholyUS Actor
bornbornToday18671916Ruben DarioNicaraguan Poet
bornbornToday18821960Sylvia PankhurstEnglish Activist
bornbornToday18361915Thomas Jordan JarvisUS Politician
bornbornToday18821956A.A. MilneChildrens Books, Poetry, Literature & Fiction
bornbornToday19251995Gilles DeleuzePhilosophy, Social Sciences, Politics
bornbornToday17821852Daniel WebsterUS writer
bornbornToday18401921Austin DobsonEnglish writer
bornbornToday19501982Gilles VilleneuveKnown as Gilles Villeneuve, was a Canadian racing driver.
bornbornToday1960Mark RylanceEnglish actor, theatre director and playwright.
bornbornToday1971Jonathan DavisAlso known as JD and JDevil (or J Devil), is an American musician best known as the leading vocalist and frontman of the nu metal band Korn.


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