On This Day

January 20

bornbornToday1958Lorenzo LamasUS Actor
bornbornToday19201993Federico FelliniItalian Director
bornbornToday19262010Patricia NealUS Actress
bornbornToday17161788Charles IIIKing of Spain
bornbornToday17751836Andre Marie AmpereFrench physicist and mathematician
bornbornToday18961996George BurnsUS comic, actor
bornbornToday1970Skeet UlrichUS actor
bornbornToday1967Alexander AhndorilSwedish Novelist
bornbornToday1956Bill MaherUS Comedian
bornbornToday1930Buzz AldrinUS Astronaut
bornbornToday1976Kirsty GallacherScottish Entertainer
bornbornToday1978Michael EastUS Athlete
bornbornToday1972Nikki HaleyUS Politician
bornbornToday1971QuestloveUS Musician
bornbornToday1959R. A. SalvatoreUS Author
bornbornToday1982Ruchi SanghviIndian Businesswoman
bornbornToday1934Tom BakerActor
bornbornToday1973Princess MathildeIs the Queen of the Belgians as the wife of King Philippe, who ascended the throne following the abdication of his father, King Albert II, on 21 July 2013.


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