On This Day

March 18

bornbornToday1979Adam LevineUS singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and host.
bornbornToday18371908Grover Cleveland22nd and 24th President of the United States.
bornbornToday19322009John UpdikeUS writer
bornbornToday1970Michael RapaportUS Actor
bornbornToday1972Dane CookUS comic
bornbornToday18691940Neville ChamberlainBritish PM (40)
bornbornToday1939Ron AtkinsonBritish Athlete
bornbornToday1982Adam PallyUS Actor
bornbornToday1976Ian CaldwellUS Novelist
bornbornToday1966Jerry CantrellUS Musician
bornbornToday17821850John C. CalhounUS Statesman
bornbornToday1949Rodrigo RatoSpanish Politician
bornbornToday18771945Edgar CayceUS psychic
bornbornToday18931918Wilfred OwenEnglish soldier, writer
bornbornToday19011990Manly HallCanadian writer
bornbornToday19272003George PlimptonEnglish actor
bornbornToday1945Michael ReaganUS first family
bornbornToday1952Will DurstUS comic


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