On This Day

March 29

bornbornToday1957Christopher LambertUS Actor
bornbornToday17901862John TylerTenth President of the United States (1841-45). He was also, briefly, the tenth Vice President (1841).
bornbornToday1964Elle MacphersonAustralian Model
bornbornToday1943Eric IdleEnglish Comedian
bornbornToday1980Chris D'EliaUS Comedian
bornbornToday1943John MajorBritish Politician
bornbornToday18671955Cy YoungUS Athlete
bornbornToday1955Earl CampbellUS Athlete
bornbornToday1960Jo NesboNorwegian Author
bornbornToday1931Norman TebbitBritish Statesman
bornbornToday1959Perry FarrellUS Musician
bornbornToday1949Rob WaltonCanadian Athlete
bornbornToday1985Ryan KalilUS Athlete
bornbornToday19181992Sam WaltonUS Businessman
bornbornToday1958Victor SalvaUS Director
bornbornToday1961Amy SedarisEntertainment, Cooking, Food & Wine, Crafts & Hobbies
bornbornToday19162005Eugene McCarthyUS senator (MN), presidential candidate
bornbornToday19181990Pearl BaileyUS singer, actor


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